Image of Aubrey Franks, Ted Heath and Jack Parnell taken at the Jazz Jamboree, Stoll Theatre, October 15, 1944.

Ted Heath

(trombone) 1902 - 1969

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Image of Lad Busby, Kenny Baker, Harry Roche, Jack Bentley, Charlie Short, Jack Parnell and Dave Goldberg taken at the Jazz Jamboree, Gaumont State Cinema, Kilburn, April 28, 1946. < Top
Image of Hep CD52 - Ted Heath - vol 1: Listen to My Music



"Listen to My Music Vol. 1"

Collection of the early studio performances by Britain's greatest post-war big band featuring Kenny Baker, Jack Bentley, Lad Busby, Jack Parnell and Harry Roche from 1944-46.

Titles - Opus One / The Very Thought Of You / Cossack Patrol / My Guy's Come Back / Twilight Time / First Jump / East Of The Sun / Not So Quiet Please / Wotcher! (Knocked 'Em In The Old Kent Road) / Bakerloo Non-Stop / Skyliner / Opus One / Moto Perpetua / Pompton Turnpike / Song Of The Volga Boatman / Eager Beaver / On The Atcheson, Topeka & Santa Fe / 11.60P.M. / Ring Dem Bells / Lullaby Of Broadway / Getting Nowhere / Any Old Iron / On Ilkla Moor Baht'At / Donegal Cradle Song / My Heart Goes Crazy.

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Ted Heath - "Bakerloo Non-Stop"

Image of Hep CD57 - Ted Heath - Listen To My Music Vol. 2



"Listen to My Music Vol. 2"

Collection of rare broadcast performances recorded in London during 1946-47 featuring Kenny Baker, Lad Busby, Johnnie Gray, Norman Stenfalt, Reg Owen and Jack Parnell.

Titles - Listen to My Music / Opus 1 / Hey Ba Ba Rebop / Creole Love Call / C Jam Blues / Any Old Iron / Knees Up Mother Brown / Time On My Hands / Anything Goes / Exactly Like You / Wotcher / I've Found A New Baby / Swing Low, Sweet Chariot / East Of The Sun / Lullabye Of Broadway / Somebody Loves Me / I Can't Give You Anything But Love / That Lovely Weekend / Love Will Find A Way / See Me Dance The Polka / Lonesome Road / Night And Day / Yesterdays / Yearning / Ad Lib Frolic / Listen To My Music.

Price includes postage & packaging per order: £8.99

Ted Heath - "Night And Day"

Image of Hep CD61 - Ted Heath - Listen To My Music Vol.3 '47-'48



"Listen To My Music Vol.3 '47-'48"

Classic studio performances featuring Jackie Armstrong, Kenny Baker, Johnny Gray, Tommy Whittle and Jack Parnell: with vocals from Paul Carpenter, Lydia MacDonald and Anne Shelton from 1947-48.

Titles - Turn On The Heath / Feudin' And Fighting / A Nightingale Sang In Berkeley Square / Sequin / Chelsea / Whitechapel / Limehouse / Bond Street / Piccadilly / Soho / Big Ben Bounce / Deep Forest / Pagan Love Song / Dark Eyes / You Go To My Head / What Did I Do? / Harlem Nocturne / Swanee River / Song Of The Vagabonds / Two Guitars / Hindustan / You're Nearer / Old Man Rebop / Red Flush / One Bass Hit / Auld Lang Syne.

Price includes postage & packaging per order: £8.99

Ted Heath - "Red Flush"



"Listen to My Music vol.4"

Collection of broadcast and studio performances, featuring Tommy Whittle, Jackie Armstrong and Jack Parnell from 1948-50.

Price includes postage & packaging per order: £8.99

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